Was Beethoven’s metronome broken?

by Martin Saving

MetronomeWe have had a lot of interesting feedback from our readers regarding our blog post concerning Beethoven’s metronome markings. Without wanting to give too much importance to the subject of the speed of his quartets, we couldn’t avoid passing this

Beethoven’s new emotional language

by Martin Saving

How Beethoven changed the musical emotional language

Venues - Programme 1

by Donald Grant

Our cycles have begun! First programme - Opus 18,5, Opus 59,1, Opus 131

Our first venue was the Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford. Beautiful acoustics and a thrilling venue to be in for our very first concert! Was great to meet …

Beethoven in the Himalaya

by Sara Bitlloch

This summer I spent some time trekking in Ladakh, in the Indian Himalaya. While staying at a guest-house in Leh, the “capital” (which is really nothing more than a big village in the middle of the mountains) I met an …

First all Beethoven programme- Impressions

by Marie Bitlloch

Marie writes about her impressions of performing the first programme.

Podcast with Edward Seckerson

by David Hoskins

As we prepare for the first concerts in our series, Donald and Marie talk to renowned critic Edward Seckerson about the unique world of the string quartet and what makes the Beethoven quartets so special.
The podcast is available for …

Summoning the spirit of Schnabel

by Martin Saving

Listening to one of the greatest Beethoven interpreters.

Collection of Historical Annotated String Editions

by Martin Saving

This is a real treasure trove for anyone interested in historically informed performance practice of 19th century music: Professor Clive Brown, Professor Robin Stowell and their collaborators have collected and scanned editions by some of the most distinguished musicians of …