op.130 with op.133 “Grosse Fuge”

by David Hoskins

Just uploaded… a video insight by Sara Bitlloch on Opus 130 with its original Grosse Fuge ending. Well worth following the scores (courtesy of which are available for downloading here. full score: Op.130; full score: Op.133 Grosse

The early performers of the quartets of Beethoven

by Martin Saving

On the groups that brought Beethoven's quartets to the public attention.

Beethoven’s hearing loss linked to lack of high notes in his quartets

by Martin Saving

This interesting article was brought to our attention by our friend Ivan Moseley. It concerns recent research linking the gradual decrease of high notes in Beethoven’s quartets to his increasing hearing problems.

A video presenting the research can be seen…

Making friends with op.130 - a diary

by Sara Bitlloch

Up until recently, I've always found op.130 the hardest Beethoven quartet to understand...

Must it be?
Must what be?

by Martin Saving

Some reflections on an enigmatic question.

New Beethoven movement reconstructed

by Martin Saving

Watch a Guardian video clip here with the recently reconstructed lost version of Beethoven’s Op. 18:2 quartet.…

Appendix to “How Fast Shall We Play?”

by Martin Saving

The following metronome markings for Beethoven’s late quartets might be of interest to some of you; As mentioned in the blog post “How Fast Shall We Play?”, Beethoven never provided metronome markings for his last quartets, but Rudoph Kolisch, one …

What Beethoven would have heard (had he been able to)

by Martin Saving

- a brief investigation of early 19th century quartet performance practice