Was Beethoven’s metronome broken?

by Martin Saving

MetronomeWe have had a lot of interesting feedback from our readers regarding our blog post concerning Beethoven’s metronome markings. Without wanting to give too much importance to the subject of the speed of his quartets, we couldn’t avoid passing this paper on to you. The authors speculate about the possibility that one of the weights on the pivot arm on Beethoven’s metronome might have been out of its correct place, in which case many of his markings are too fast!

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One Response to “Was Beethoven’s metronome broken?”

  1. Alastair says:

    Just been to your Holkham gig. What passion! You played 110% thank you.

    The best ideas are the simplest. It’s obvious to bring the scots tradition of fiddle playing into the world of the string quartet….but nobody thought of it before. Nice one….but has there ever been a scots flddler that played the violin as well as Donald?

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