Exploring Beethoven’s Quartets
An interview with David Waterman

We were recently fortunate enough to be able to meet up with David Waterman, cellist of the Endellion String Quartet, and ask him about his thoughts on the Beethoven quartets. He has more than thirty years of experience of the works, and the quartet has recently released a much praised recording of the complete quartets and quintets of Beethoven.

Tell us about your first Beethoven cycle!

What is it like playing the cycle for the second or third time?

How did your experience with the first cycle change your relationship to the individual quartets?

Is your approach as a quartet any different towards Beethoven compared to Haydn and Mozart?

What are your thoughts on Beethoven’s metronome markings?

Do you have a different approach to the late quartets compared to the early ones?

Has the new Bärenreiter edition shed any new light on the quartets?

Do you have any advice to a quartet embarking on their first cycle?

Which is your favourite Beethoven quartet?

What would you ask Beethoven if you were able to meet him?


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