An argument to Beethoven’s 5th Symphony

by Martin Saving

David Waterman of the Endellion String Quartet made us aware of this fantastic sketch with Sid Caesar and Nanette Fabray. Although not strictly related to the string quartets, it seems to touch upon something very fundamental in Beethoven’s music! Goethe …

Op. 127, Fidelio and ear-plugs

by Sara Bitlloch

We've been spending a lot of time with Beethoven lately! Op. 18/1, op. 74, op. 95, op. 127... and most of it has been about searching, questioning, rethinking...

Pictures from Aldeburgh

by Martin Saving

Here are some pictures from our recent coaching sessions with Hugh Maguire.

Recommended reading and viewing

by Martin Saving

Some interesting links.

How Fast Shall We Play?

by Martin Saving

The subject of tempi in Beethoven's quartets is a controversial one. These pieces have throughout the years...

Welcome to The Beethoven Project

by Donald Grant

Hello and a very warm welcome to our Beethoven Project website!

We are incredibly excited to have launched this website which will enable you to follow and be part of our journey through the complete Beethoven String Quartets. We look …