First volume of Beethoven Quartets released on Wigmore Live

by Iain Handyside

Wigmore Live has released the first double-disc volume of our concerts, featuring Op. 18 no. 4, Op. 74 ‘Harp’ and Opp. 130 and 133.  We have played five concerts at the Wigmore Hall so far, with our final concert on 07 March 2015.  This concert will make the culmination of the entire Beethoven project.

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3 Responses to “First volume of Beethoven Quartets released on Wigmore Live”

  1. Simon King says:

    Dear Elias quartet,

    Is your Beethoven series ever going to be put on cd? I bought the first release but so much time has elapsed since then, that I can only surmise that that ‘first volume’ is going to be the only one. I hope not, although it is now over a year since the final concert.

    Simon King

    • Martin says:

      Dear Simon,

      Yes, the whole series will be released on CD, hopefully within the next year or so. Thank you for your interest!

  2. ken mayle says:

    hi. last Saturday (to celebrate my wife’s birthday) saw our first visit to the wigmore hall and our first foray into live classical music. we certainly picked the right night - it was wonderful ! beautiful playing in a perfect setting so thanks a lot. and how exciting to find that we’ll be able to hear the concert again on c.d. any idea when that’s likely to be ? ken.

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